The Worship Ministry of Southside exists to create an environment of worship that helps as many people as possible take their next step toward Jesus Christ. We accomplish this through these core values: excellence, unity, and modeling worship as a lifestyle.


Worship Times

9am Classic Worship Service is lead by our worship leader Kipp Gray. It is a traditional service with hymns, Southside Choir, and “Gaither-style” songs led by a praise team.

11:15am Modern Worship is lead by our worship & student pastor Paul Farrior 

It is a service with modern worship songs led by our band and praise team. Worship is how we take a step back from the everyday routines and focus on what Jesus has done for us. Worship means different things for different people, so feel free to sing, listen, raise your hands, watch, or do it all.


Both Classic and Modern services seek to connect people with a Living God, magnify the name of Jesus and provide solid Biblical preaching.

How can I be a part of the worship team?
Requirements for being a part of Southside Worship is a 1-On-1 with Worship Leader Paul Farrior, high school age and above, musically competent on the instrument and able to play in multiple styles, and in all keys, clearly demonstrate all ministry expectations, and the ability to commit to serve regularly. 
Southside Choir

The choir is designed to function as a larger worship ensemble that gives more energy and musical variety to our Classic worship service. Katie Charlston leads our choir. Rehearsals are held once a week (Wed. night) and consist of vocal-warm-ups/musical theory concept, song learning, and a time of growth as a group. The choir will sing regularly in the 9am Sunday Morning Classic Service, and will perform “seasonal programs” throughout the year. No 1-On-1 is required to be a member of this group; and it isn’t even necessary to be able to read music. A love for singing or “making a joyful noise” is the only requirement.